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Who we are

Goa Bikinis

A 100% Brazilian company, founded in August 2008.
From the first sketches and essays, prioritize the different design and comfort in each of our models, turning our attention to the feminine universe search.

Specialized in beachwear segment, we have the best weavers in Brazil: Santa Constancia, Doutex, Rosset and Coltex. Apart from high quality textiles, modelers tuned in worldwide trend blend comfort and beauty to each drawing.

GOA bikinis, dressing style, heightening sensations!


Where to find!

Here are our representatives in every corner of the globe.

Goa Bikinis - Showroom

Region: Santa Catarina
Phone: 48 3254-6817 | 48 3354-1299 | 48 9927-7129

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Dharma Representation

Region: Porto Alegre, Grande Porto Alegre, Oeste, Sul e Litoral.
Phone: 51 3341-7620

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Kish Representation
Region: Serra, Missões, Fronteira Norte, Vale dos Sinos e Região Central.
Phone: 51 3341-7620

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Art Brazil

Region: Austrália
Phone: 0401 720 041

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Francine Goulart

International Market
Phone: 48 9927-7129
Skype: goa.bikinis

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Praia do Rosa

Region: Estrada Geral do Rosa, no trevo de acesso a Praia do Ouvidor.

Phone: 48 9648-8261
Contact: Luciana

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Caroline Porto

Region: Amazonas e Rondônia

Phone: 92 9136-1831
Contact: Caroline

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Collection 2014

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Santa Catarina

Come visit our showroom, please mail or contact by phone!


48 3254-6817
48 3354-1299
48 9927-7129

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